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suzuki junzo
'Sings II'
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New release from psychedelic Japanese guitarist Suzuki Junzo (Overhang Party, Miminokoto, 20 Guilders) on limited edition vinyl. From Jandek style weird folk to beautiful crystalline guitar passages, this melancholy masterpiece covers all the bases. Acid Mothers Temple guitarist Kawabata Makoto and LSD March/Kousokuya, ex. Fushitsusha Drummer Takahashi Ikuro both guest on 2 songs.

Track Listing

  • In the Eyes of Naze
  • Midsummer's End
  • Eclipse IV
  • Crying Out Double Suicide Blues
  • Lament for The Man Without a Map
  • The End of Horizon
  • A Tree of Night
  • Chi no Mure
  • The Man With The Golden Arm



“... Junzo not only follows the set traditions of folk, roots and blues but also engages in energized rule breaking of the conventions... a real classic.”
     —Ned, Was Ist Das blog

“... finds all of Suzuki Juno's fine muse gelling into a melancholy chant backed with (his own) splendid electric guitar work. I like this a lot. ”
     —Phil McMullen, The Terrascope

“He makes black metal growls over acoustic guitar, sings wrecked ballads over distorted electric leads. Guy is a darn good rock songwriter & easily builds tension until it boils over in a powerful cathartic release. Fans ... of that Japanese underground thing where things are either fragile or superheavy will be extremely pleased.”
     —Weirdo Records

“...Sings II emitted a beautiful, poignant and multifaceted vibe. It infused my room with an intriguing amalgamation of folk, blues, drone, american primitivism, and some fuzzed out shredding.”
     —The Honest Bag

“... a brooding evocation of crepuscular Weltschmers, reminiscent of Loren Conners casting a blank stare into endlessly lonesome space. ”
     —Julian Crowley, The Wire

“ ... one thinks of Loren Connors and Acid Mothers Temple, and Junzo expertly balances trippy psychedelia with abstract noise.”
     —Joseph Burnett, Dusted Magazine